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Meet Christianne,

Christianne provides small business coaching, training in best business practices, bookkeeping, and tax prep services for individuals, LLC Partnerships, S Corps, and small non-profit organizations. With 30 years of experience working with small businesses, 20 years of experience working with QuickBooks, and over a decade of experience preparing taxes for self-employed artists, Christianne is confident in her ability to solve your unique small business needs. A graduate from Tyler School of Art and the Weitzman School of Design, she has dedicated her life to supporting the artistic community of Philadelphia and the surrounding area. Christianne can provide the information and support needed to navigate the complex and fluid small business economy so clients can thrive, stay tax compliant, and still make great art.

“Artists are expected to participate in the business world the same as any other small business but rarely have the necessary training to do so.”

Christianne Kapps

Artists wear many hats, ‘tax expert’ shouldn’t be one of them

Tax Prep Services

Federal, State and Local tax returns prepared and e-filed. Year-round attention, planning, and follow-up. Extra charges may apply for more than one state and multiple schedules. Early-Bird and Working Artist discounts available.

Small Business Consultations and Training

Workshops and 1:1 meetings on how to start your business, how to use payroll services, and setting up bookkeeping software.


Very Small Business Tax Returns

Federal, State, and Local tax return services for business under $400,000 gross income.


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